Are the British Really Eccentric?

8th April 2005

Lloyds Bank published some information last week that proves that British eccentricity isn’t dead. It was a list of reasons that people put on credit card applications for why they need the money. Now the standard ones are there: the cars, home improvements, and holidays – but we also have requests for:

  • - £15,000 for a camel
  • - £5,000 for a suit of armour
  • - £20,000 to convert a cave into a house
  • - Money for breast enlargements
  • - Cash to get teeth done before the wedding
  • - £1,000 for a sheep
  • - £7,000 for a houseboat
  • - A loan to enter an auction to have a date with a footballer
  • - Money to build a Robot Wars machine


  • - £10,000 to buy a black stallion like the one in the ads!


Have a great weekend.