The road to wealth is not a single lane: it’s a pulsating three lane highway or motorway. The motorway is a fantastic visual analogy for wealth - we all understand what a motorway does. It has an access lane which we NEED to use to get onto the motorway itself. It has the three lanes, service stations and access lanes to get off again. This works as an analogy for your money and wealth creation too.

Access Lane - Household and Personal Finance

The access lane is where you need to go BEFORE you get onto the lanes themselves. It’s where you sort out the basic domestic stuff. That means looking at household finances, and the gritty stuff like mortgages, insurances, wills and pensions.
The Three Lanes! - Property, Trading and Business


The motorway

The motorway is divided into three Wealth Lanes, and that is simply being involved or invested in the three staples of a wealthy life:

 - Land and property
 - Businesses, and
 - Trading of other assets such as shares, currency, options and commodities


The Service Station - Taking Action and Wealth Education Library

The service station is the most important place for your wealth creation as it’s here that you rebalance your scales of abundance, you take stock and make sure you are going in the right direction and you look after your continuous on-going wealth and personal development education.