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These online courses consist of 7 minute modules,


– An introduction to Gill and her Son Michael and what they will be teaching you.

Module 1 – strategy

  • We will show you how to create a strategy specific to your investing journey.

 Module 2 – Returns

  • Here we will tell you about returns. What level of return are you expecting to achieve?

Module 3 – Planning

  • Planning is very important with any kind of investing. We will show you our plans and then you can create your own.

Module 4 – Stocks and Shares

  • We go into more detail here about stocks and shares. stock markets and all the intimidating stuff!

Module 5 – Tracking the Index

  • There is a way to get access to every share of a specific index, and we will, show you how!

Module 6 – Recap

  • A recap of what you have learnt so far




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Watch and complete the modules and you will be on your way to creating a pension for you or your kids!