How to Invest in Shares – Online Course


This comprehensive online course consists of seven modules, designed to teach you everything you need to know to get started with investing in shares to create pensions.



  • Meet our CEO, Gill Fielding and her son Michael as they discuss the course content and how saving a little each month can ensure you reap huge benefits in the future.

Module 1 – Strategy

  • This module will teach you the difference between investing and trading as well as how to set your strategy using the tried and tested ‘Shares Pyramid’ method, which will lead you to successfully invest.

 Module 2 – Returns

  • Learn all about the returns you can expect to make throughout the tiers of the ‘Shares Pyramid’ method, which will lead your to invest successfully.

Module 3 – Planning 

  • Planning is very important with any kind of investing. We will show you our plans and then you can create your own using our tried and tested planning method.

Module 4 – Stocks and Shares

  • We go into more detail here about stocks and shares. stock markets and all the stuff that can initially seem intimidating.

Module 5 – Tracking the Index

  • There is a way to get access to every share of a specific index, and we will, show you how!

Module 6 – Recap

  • A recap of what you have learnt so far




Simply purchase modules and you will receive and email with the downloads.


Watch and complete the modules and you will be on your way to creating a pension for you or your kids!