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Astonishing Amazon!

Things are on the move at Amazon and Jeff Bezos is going ‘upstairs’ to be the new chairman and is relinquishing his day to day duties, and he has picked a perfect time.

It has just been announced that Amazons most recent accounts show that their sales have increased by 51% – the UK sales alone are now £20 billion.

At a time when we’re now spending much more of our money on line it has been revealed that £1 in every £20 spent on line goes to Amazon. Just imagine that – it’s extraordinary.

No wonder other shop based retailers are asking for on line retailers to be taxed more, and as a human being I can’t really comprehend how large and how significant Amazon are. They didn’t even exist when I was a child and now they’re huge and Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Astonishing.

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