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AstraZeneca Can’t Win!

Astrazeneca can't win

I see this morning that the AstraZeneca share price is down about 2.5% and I can only imagine that’s because of the row brewing about supplies to the EU and that’s a real shame.

AstraZeneca have pulled off an amazing feat of creating a vaccine against Covid 19 and currently supplies are scarce. However, the UK invested in that vaccine research and ordered the vaccine before they even knew there would be a vaccine.

Meanwhile the EU delayed their order and still haven’t approved the vaccine for use yet.

So I have a lot of sympathy for AstraZeneca particularly as they are creating and selling this vaccine at cost during the pandemic. That’s a selfless act when this could be their biggest profit making activity ever but they have rightly said that the pandemic is more important than profit.

Unfortunately the threats of legal action by the EU are damaging any company profit and it’s disappointing to see share holders punishing AstraZeneca for doing something wonderful and being caught in the cross fire of the pandemic when they are the people that can solve it. I hope the share price bounces back quickly and the company regains its value.

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