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Bring back the pies!


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Greggs are planning to open 100 new shops in 2021 and that’s quite a bold move but they are assuming that everyone will soon be back to ‘normal’; and be out and about and back to work and buying pies for their lunch and I suspect they’re right.

People are absolutely fed up with being at home and being in lockdown and want to get back to their old life – even with the difficult parts like commuting. Some people think that home working will be the norm but I don’t.

Getting up, getting properly dressed and going into the office is uplifting. The office environment provides us with social contact, ‘water cooler’ chats, connection and a sense of purpose and plenty of opportunities to talk to colleagues, peers and bosses about the work. Often these casual corridor chats are what lead to awareness and promotions and I can see that the home workers will get less career advancement opportunities than those who go to the office.

I’ve even seem some evidence in this view from business announcements and share prices. Shares in Peloton have slid 33% since January while at the same time the share price of Gym Group have jumped 15% as people expect to turn their exercise habits back from lone cycling at home to the good old fashioned gym workout and exercise class.

Lockdown may have been a appositive experience for some and there’s no doubt that some businesses won’t go back to exactly how they were but Greggs are right, we want to be out and about and eating pies again.

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