Investing your spare money in same way will always be worth more than not!

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We know that people are retiring later due to a lack of funds in their pensions.

While this is a worry, and something the government should definitely be doing more to resolve, there is a simple solution!

In recent years people have been given more control of their pensions, many thought that this would lead to many people wasting their funds and aggravating the existing problem. However, the research in this article shows that the opposite is true. Of these people that end up withdrawing large amounts, or all of their pensions, many are utilising other forms of income including property and equity investments.

By doing this and making sure their pots grow faster than inflation they can make them last much longer, allowing them to account for longer, healthier retirement periods.

We normally talk about how it is never too early to start investing but the same is true the other way. Investing your spare money in some way will always be worth more to you than hiding it under your mattress!

Here is a great article form The Times on how people have been spending their pensions.

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