The Seven Investing Sins

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1. Greed

People commonly hold on too long to an investment – you never lose money leaving some profit on the table for the next person

2. Gullibility

Don’t just accept tips on face value – make sure you check everything before you ‘believe’ an investment tip

3. Loyalty

Too often people hold onto an investment through loyalty – it was good once. Never let any emotion get in the way of your investment formula.

4. Sloth

You’ll always loose money through laziness if you don’t keep an eye on what you have and what you are doing – get off your bum!

5. Optimism

Or at least false optimism – often people blindly look for the good news all the time – when realism and financial facts are paramount

6. Remorse

Never wallow in what went wrong – learn the lesson and then just get over it.

7. Recklessness

Which is what people are when they get frustrated that a deal hasn’t come alone – what they do is abandon their financial formulas and jump in blindly – oh dear!

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