Markets have always bounced back from health scares – so hang in there!

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The coronavirus has created a truly frightening and uncertain global situation, and, while we understand this isn’t the most appropriate time to be thinking about finance, we thought we would address the affect on the investing market.

As many news outlets have reported, the virus has had a big negative affect on equities markets worldwide.

This is totally normal, in periods of crisis the last thing people want to think of is their share portfolio. So, due to inactivity and fear the market falls.

We just wanted to say, for those that are worried, to try and stick it out. The market has drops all the time but still recovers and consistently rises over time even from really drastic plummets. Investing in stocks and shares is a long-term strategy and these crisis will come around from time to time but looking at the history of the market shows that we shouldn’t be worrying about our investment’s performance in times of crisis. If you continue investing during periods when the market is low you actually end up saving money from purchases on average.

The best part of investing for the long term is that you don’t have to worry what happens tomorrow, you just have to keep your eyes on the future, so keep going!


Here is a really great article from The Times about why not to worry

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