National Express’ Coach Holidays Boom!

There’s a couple of heart warming stories in the papers today about grannies!

Apparently grannies (and some grandads) are very excited about having the vaccine and are booking holidays aplenty for later in the year. On the BBC today it has reported that National Express’s coach holiday businesses say bookings made by those 65 and over have increased by 185% in the last fortnight compared to last year.

There’s even one couple who have booked 5 holidays already for 2021.

As it will only be the ‘oldies’ who have had the vaccine they are making sure they get out and party!

I also saw another story on the BBC about a bride who had her two grannies as her bridesmaids as numbers were so restricted. The grannies were 80 and 90 years old and looked fabulous in the photos.

So now I think we have the rise of the granny demographic occurring in our society: they will be the only ones about to go out, have fun and mingle (safely) with their friends.

What a turn round!

Business owners who are flexible and quick will now be able to create products and services aimed specifically at this market – and good luck to them.

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