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Gill knows that investing a little a week for your child’s future works, but its amazing to hear from other parents that have tried it.

Last month Shaa Wasmund MBE did a podcast ‘Womens Wealth is Rising: How to Take control of yours with Shaa Wasmund MBE’ with Catherine Morgan for ‘In her financial shoes’ on the money panel website.

In it Shaa talks about how she thanks Gill Fielding for inspiring her to save for her sons future. The first week her son was born, she started saving for his pension, she wanted him to experience work and have to make his own money, but she knew that he was always going to be okay because he has his pension to fall back on.

Fantastic to hear about people that have actually gone out and done ‘The cappuccino Factor’ and how it has changed their life, as it’s a no brainer really. Everyone should be doing it!

Listen to Shaa’s podcast here.

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