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Thinking about the bigger picture

As a child I had no idea about the environment.

We didn’t recycle or even know what that was and now we have recycling everywhere, all children know about it and big business is also becoming environmentally conscious. It’s fantastic news for our planet and for humanity, but let’s be frank it’s also good for profits too and all companies are now expected to have a socially aware set of corporate policies otherwise their share price will suffer.

Two schemes have been in the press:

IKEA are now going to take back their products and create a second hand market. People returning their stuff will be given vouchers to spend in IKEA and it means that people will never have to throw away their old furniture but can constantly recycle and buy again.  This is both good for the environment and it’s also good for IKEA’s profits and for the individual’s finances too as they will be getting vouchers to buy again rather than nothing if they took the old furniture to the tip.

Then Pandora the jewellery store have announced that they will no longer sell real diamonds but sell manufactured ones instead. This is a stand against mining practices worldwide and to help the environment.

Both IKEA and Pandora and many other big businesses realise that if they don’t address the bigger issue of the environment their sales and profits will fall as many people will now only buy from businesses who provide sustainable products.

My youngest daughter will only buy clothes made like this and that’s an awareness and a choice that people have now that we didn’t have in my youth. And good it is too!

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