Tips for maximising your future returns

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When putting money away for the future it can feel like large chunks of it end up being given to the taxman either when depositing or taking some out!

Thankfully the government has provided a few helpful policies that can help you keep as much as you can. These include using tax-free vehicles, allowances and gifts.

All of these are there to help you save for the future so it is really important to take advantage of these opportunity to make sure you are more financially safe in the future.

A recent article in The Times goes over all of your options and how to utilise them. The article covers, how to pay more into your pension, using your dividends wiseley, reducing your inheritance tax bill, using your annueal capital gains tax allowance and investing in VCT’s and EIS’s.

None of them are necessary for investing to work but to maximise your future returns and money should be saved whenever possible!

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