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Supermarket visits rising

There are two interesting pieces of information published this week: firstly the public launch of Deliveroo shares flopped after the initial opening and fell 30% in value as major investors decided to avoid the offer, and secondly the number of supermarket visits have risen by 13 million grocery shop visits in the four weeks to the middle of March compared to the previous month.

What’s interesting about this second statistic is that the rise in physical visits have been offset by a fall in online orders.

This just goes to show that the behaviours of the pandemic are coming to an end. People want to go out to restaurants and bars and not have yet another meal in and consequently belief and investor support in Deliveroo is waning.

People also want to go into grocery shops and look at the produce and pick what they want rather than being given yet another odd sized jacket potato by the home delivery team. It’s great to see these behaviours and interesting that they are happening ahead of the full release from lockdown.

People just want to get back to their old way of life and are now looking ahead to when this will all be over. It’s an immense display of optimism and proof that we will bounce back from the pandemic quickly. It’s also proof that people actually want and need other people and that’s a wonderful thing.

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