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I’ve just read that if you had invested money in shares in Zoom in December 2019 and sold them in October 2020 you would have made 735%! That’s incredible. That’s because the pandemic forced us all on line to virtual communications. That’s one hell of a return but unlikely to be repeated and impossible to predict.

That’s the trouble with share investing – there are some things you just can’t account for or research, and the pandemic was certainly one of those things. But 735% is a completely unrealistic and bizarre return and we should never try to get that – 10% will do! 10% return wilt turn small amounts of money into much larger amounts as long as dividends are reinvested and the money is left for a reasonably long time. And this is something we can all do without giving any time or attention to it using tracker funds and group investments.. This is re-assuring and confirms that we don’t have to wait for a cataclysm or pandemic to make a lot of money or create financial freedom.

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